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“It’s 100% worth the investment. You only have one body, you only have one life to live. Make it the best, feed it the best and you will feel your best.” – Heather, VIP Group Coaching Member

What to Expect

Life-Changing Accountability and Support

Weekly Focus

For the first 12 weeks, every week, we will be focusing on a key principle that will help you nourish your body and soul. Each week will include a playlist of videos to watch, a challenge with action steps to take, a weekly live discussion to go over questions, troubles, and any issues you need help with.


When your body is happy, your heart is too. We do not believe in diets or restrictions. As you know, we help you feel your best without giving up the foods you love. Now you can be surrounded with women that are on the same journey and mindset as you to build relationships with.

Weekly Focus

Everybody is unique and moves at a different pace. We gently guide you through your clean eating journey and provide the support and encouragement you need to truly make a real change that will last you a lifetime. You'll get direct access to Jen, the team, and the community.
Because of the intimate 1-on-1 Coaching and Mentorship, there are few spots open.

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Avoid confusion over food labels and ingredients and learn how you can finally feel good with great energy!

Feel Your Best By Working With Jen and the Team Directly

Join a supportive community, get daily accountability from the Wake Up & Read the Labels team, and have fun with like-minded women who are also working towards their goals. Discover easy ways to continue cooking your favorite meals, not eliminating any food groups and changing your energy for life without the worry of falling back into old habits.

You are one step away from an improved you...

The Results

“Saw significant results within one week.”

“30lbs gone once I started to read the labels.”

“Started eating clean & started my own business.”

“I could never go back because of how I feel now.”

“You can eat everything you want & its good.”

“I hated cooking & now meal prep every Sunday.”

Finally Feel Amazing in Your Body 

Discover What a
15-Minute Chat Can Do

You deserve to feel your best.

If you’re struggling with feeling sluggish, bloated, or just all-around blah and you don’t know why, worry not. Our experienced team is here for you!

On this exclusive 15-minute chat there’ll be time to focus on what’s holding you back from living life the way it should be lived—full of energy and mental clarity.

The Wake Up & Read The Labels team will help you discover what foods help you feel good. These food experts are here to answer all of your questions on food cravings, bloating or breakouts! From understanding how foods can affect inflammation, moods and weight gain - they have it covered.

Spots for these chats fill up quickly so register today before it’s too late!

15-Minutes Can Change Your Life

"This clean eating journey has been eye-opening and life changing. Jen’s guidance and coaching allowed for my husband to lose 40+ lbs in four months and me to look/feel the best I’ve felt in years. We’ve definitely adopted a new lifestyle." - Lisa

You Have Enough to Do Already...

Stop wasting time trying to consume all of the content at once, reading every post, watching every video at once and join the VIP Coaching Program for results!

Too many ladies will reach out because of "information overload", instead enjoy our 'Weekly Focuses' on certain videos and topics to fully understand the simplicity of the Wake Up & Read the Labels philosophy.

Learn How to Feel Your Best Without Restrictions

“Lost 6 Inches in 12 Weeks!”

"My new relationship with food is one in which I never thought I would have. I have 'dieted' on and off my entire life starting at age 14. I don't think of myself as being on a diet now. I'm eating to feel good and focus on my health. Losing 6 inches in 12 weeks was just an added bonus! I don't feel deprived and I look forward to evolving even more as a clean eater."

- Kris B. 

“Keep It Simple!”

“I started working with Jen to simply feel better. I was never able to point to ‘the problem’. I thought I was doing the right thing - I exercised multiple times a week, ate healthy (I thought) and slept well, but there was always a nagging feeling at some point during the day. Jen has made me aware that it's important to know what is in the food that I’m consuming. Keep it simple, know your ingredients. One change - read the labels.”

- Helen B

“Long Term Impacts!”

"I can't thank Jen enough for the food coaching. The coaching showed me that what I was eating was not healthy even though I thought it was. I have expanded my grocery list, menus, and pantry to include healthy items which are better for my body. I am one month past coaching and I feel I have made a lifestyle change that will have long term impacts."

- Adrienne D. 

That’s why I’m here, to guide you and to help you...

Feel Better, Faster.

Jen, an expert food coach, has helped her clients lose thousands of pounds and get off blood pressure medications. She eats what she teaches and is a master at holding you accountable to your health goals even if no one else is!

15 Minutes Can Change Your Life